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GHM Symbole

6 - 12
years old

GHM Symbole


Students are welcomed into a bilingual environment with a French-speaking AMI educator and an English-speaking educator.


The Montessori curriculum encompasses the PER (Plan d’Etude Roman). Montessori is a project-based pedagogy that enables children to play an active role in their own learning. The teacher will arouse the children’s interest and curiosity, nurturing his or her joy and satisfaction in discovering and producing.


Helping and caring for one another creates a framework conducive to learning and challenging oneself. 


Students vote on and organize class outings. They take responsibility for the class and lead weekly debates. 


Singing, theater, sports, IT, and German classes are held every week.

Each lesson is beautiful and should challenge the child to practice the presented concept later on. The concept is acquired when the child correctly uses it during projects and free work. The 3 key stages are : Exposure - Experience - Expression. 


Students choose to work alone, in pairs or in groups, and practice public speaking by presenting their projects in front of an audience from their first year.


With the child’s interests as the starting point, learning takes place in a spirit of benevolence, cultivating willingness and a culture of effort. 


Academic skills are just as important as the ability to learn to live together and to do things together. Social intelligence and skills are strongly emphasized in the 6-12 class.


​​No homework, no grades, but results that meet your expectations

At GHM, children progress at their own pace, unhampered by grades or lists of exercises. They move forward with discovery goals in mind, because our teaching methods stimulate a thirst for learning and, through project-based teaching, encourage them to give meaning to their learning. In this way, effort is no longer limited. Discoveries are made as a team. Learning is not the primary goal, but rather a means to further exploration of our world.





GHM _ Horaires

Included Activities

Meal + snacks





    Yoga    Computer classes



Full Time student
Bilingual schooling + German (from 6yrs old)



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